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Fofizon– Dry Fish Store

We at Fofizon deal in variety of Dry fish and We guarantee a quality product and thrive on the services.

Features of our products are:

Fresh Catch : As it is a daily catch, we send you freshly packed dry fish. They are the fresh catch from Arabian Sea from the
coast of Alibag, near Mumbai, India.

No Preservatives : They are directly dried under the sun with head and tail on

High Nutritional Content: High in Proteins and low in Fats

Fofizon is an online dry fish store dealing in wide range of dried seafood. Our products are fresh catch from the coast of
Alibag near Mumbai in India. All the fish are sun dried with no salt or no preservatives. We offer top high quality best
premium product which is neatly cleaned and well packed before sending it to the customers. Product ranges includes
Baby shrimp, Large shrimp, Bombay duck, Prawns, Anchovy, Ribbon fish, Dandi fish. Ready to eat category includes
Bombay duck chutney, shrimp chutney, Bombay duck pickle and Shrimp pickle.