Dried Fish

Dried fish is an excellent source of protein available at low cost. Most of the dried fish contains about 40g of protein in 100g of fish i,e 40% of the protein content food. It is also rich in omega - 3 fatty acids useful for the healthy functioning of heart. Dry Fish is a natural product and which is dried under sun naturally and can be stored for longer duration which can be used during off season like monsoon months where it can be served as a replacement to the fresh fish as the availability of the fresh fish is limited during that season.

Dry Fish Salted or Non Salted

Dried fish which are sundried from the fresh catch need not to be salted and which can be dried naturally under sunlight. Dried seafood mainly which are small in size like Shrimps, Prawns, Bombay Duck, Ribbon Fish, Anchovy, Dandi  Fish do not require to add salt for its preservation. However there is a practice of adding and preserving fish with salt and which is done mostly for the big fish. Whereas small fish if at all salted might not be a fresh catch. Hence there is always a hard choice to make while going in for dry fish salted or non salted.

How to Fetch Dried Fish?

Remember an important point that dry fish is not the first choice for the fisherman or the people who are involved in the business of fish trading. Fresh fish are dried once the catch is in abundance and the when the market supply is more compared to the demand and we do lack in the huge cold storage facilities for such high catch.

Dried fish traditionally are available in all coastal belt areas in the local markets. But the trend is slightly changed with upcoming of the digital world and ecommerce platforms. Now a day dry fish are also easily available online and delivered at your doorsteps.

Dry Fish Storage

For human consumption in households, it can be stored  in an air tight jar. Do remember to clean cut and then store. Best way to store this is in refrigerator but then in refrigerator you have other food items which should not catch the smell of fish hence clean the dry fish then put it in an air tight container and place it in refrigerator, this way you can even store upto 12 months.