Dry Fish Pickle

Dry fish is rich in protein and thus any processed food made from dry fish is highly nutritious and when we talk about pickle, pickle made from dry fish depends on the type of fish you use. Dry fish pickles which are widely prepared is of Shrimp and bombay duck as both these fish being small in size and can be easily melted in mouth unlike the bigger fish.

Pickle preparation time of the year

Dry fish which we source for pickle preparation should be in summer months as the natural drying process is complete due to high temperature outside and which helps in sun drying process. Most of the small fish like shrimp takes only a day to get dried whereas bombay duck takes little longer about couple of days for sun drying.


Traditionally, the summer months are those where we stock up our spices, pickles and savour them through out the year. Dry fish no matter how well it is dried and looks clean, it is advisable to wash them before using in your preparations. While preparing curry, dry fish is to be washed in warm water and  when we prepare pickle, water is not used and hence the dry fish is washed with vinegar and then vinegar is rinsed and the fish is kept aside for about 30 min (detailed recipe is followed via video and ingredients listed below)


Once the pickle is prepared the storage jar should be clean and a small layer of oil is to be maintained above pickle mixture in a jar, always do remember to use clean and dry spoon everytime, to take out portion of pickle from the jar. For better taste, freshly prepared pickle should be kept to mature for a month or so. Dry fish pickle goes well with rice, roti or naan. Rice flour roti is one of the best combination with all non vegetarian dishes.

For Rice flour roti (chawal ke atte ki roti) do watch our blog and the recipe.